Have a Brilliant Idea?


Getting Your Message Across To Us:

We receive a large volume of proposals and we read them all.

We’d prefer you to send proposals that are document based and only send photos of any products or prototypes to help explain your idea.

We cannot guarantee the return of any prototypes or products sent in so please do not send anything you want back. All proposals are archived for up to two years, and then destroyed after this period of time.

Keeping Hush

You should know that whenever anyone at CapitalCrew looks at a new business proposal, our policy is not to sign Non Disclosure Agreements in the first instance. This is because we receive hundreds of proposals which are often similar to those suggested by others, or to ideas which we have already developed internally.

What We Need to Know:

The Fundamentals

What's your idea, product or service?

Business Sector

What business sector does your idea fall into and what stage of development has your project reached?

Business Relationship

What is your involvement, what role would you like to maintain, and how do you see CapitalCrew becoming involved?

Upside Potential

What are the potential revenues and profits you see in year 3?